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Due to fast-developing Corona-virus situation and related precautions advised by CDC and public officials, we are suspending all in-person classes until further notice. All the classes will be available in an online format.

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Online Meditation

You have a chance to practice instructor-led, online guided meditation classes from any device and anywhere. We host multiple online offerings. These sessions are always free of any charge – Saturday Sessions are available on Youtube. Please use the youtube

Registration Open

Registration is open for the 8-week online meditation course, starting from Oct’22nd 2020, 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM CT. The course is free of cost. In this course, you will learn meditation techniques from experienced instructors. Step by step instructions


Sahaja Yoga Meditation was created in 1970 by Shri Mataji Nirmala Shrivastava (1923-2011), a Nobel Peace Prize nominee who dedicated her life to selflessly and relentlessly sharing this method of meditation with hundreds of thousands of people in over 100

Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter

Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter

In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, since 1996 thousands of residents benefited from the positive transformation brought by this practice, from young children to corporate employees and retired citizens of all backgrounds, races and nationalities. Programs have been held in universities,

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Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

We offer easy to practice corporate meditation sessions. Contact us for details. 68% of the workforce is affected by stress – leading cause of: absenteeism and productivity loss; reduced ability to think and communicate clearly; poor decision-making; high blood pressure and

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Kids Programs

Kids Programs

Kids can meditate. Children can do meditation and yoga just as well or better than adults. This meditation is a creative way to meditate and build bonds of joy with kids. In these sessions, you will experience the benefits of

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Solutions to my problems

"Through thoughtless awareness, I have started getting solutions to many problems within myself. It seems as if someone within you is telling you the solution in a very inspiring way. This is a real miracle, as of now I don’t have to look for answers/approval from others."


Really felt the cool energy

"This was a very pleasant surprise. I really felt the cool energy. This was very rewarding on a first session and I will continue it. Thanks much!"

H. L., Network Specialist

Feel completely rejuvenated

"I work as a Program Manager managing 10 projects in different states in the United States region. I used to feel completely exhausted, stressed and impatient at the end of the day. After starting this series of meditations, I now feel completely rejuvenated, I'm able to control my anger, and am able to balance work life with my personal life. I encourage and recommend this session for all, even if they are not stressed! Once again thank you for making this available."

R. K., Program Manager

More satisfied today than ever in my life

"These sessions have really helped me to understand people around me better, and helped me understand the limits of my work/responsibility and not to take over-responsibility which was earlier ruining my perspective towards things in life and was making me feel unhappy. I can clearly see a difference in my dealings with my kids, my husband and colleagues in day-to-day life. I am definitely at peace and more confident today. I have started to love my work and home better than before. I am more satisfied today than ever in my life."

I. S., Business Analyst

Perfect antidote to a world that is often very scattered

"This program teaches a type of focus that is the perfect antidote to a world that is often very scattered. Everyone that must face multiple challenges and multiple to-do lists will benefit from the self-awareness and discipline learned from this program. The investment of time will pay off in any professional endeavor."

R. H., Sales Operations Manager